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Robert Parker Trio

Music at Geraldine's ft. Robert Parker Trio | Folk Pop

Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Location: Geraldine's

Robert picked up the guitar at the age of 15 and found himself on stage only three months later. Hungry for his newfound passion, he practiced meticulously nine hours a day, sometimes without sleep to squeeze out just one more lick. Heavily inspired by his Holy Trinity: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Robin Trower, Robert was a devoted Strat-Slinger from the start. In later years he then ventured to Sunset Beach, CA to start his music career out of high school where he then embraced the intoxicating culture of The Allman Brothers & The Grateful Dead intertwined with Surfside living. He played countless shows in Orange County along Pacific Coast Highway for years to come.

Robert moved to Austin, TX in 2021 with his partner Jen and has never looked back since. They were immediately embraced by the community with open arms, frequenting open mics and playing 8-10 shows a week. But with this new escapade came life-changing amends. Robert confronted his life-long addiction to alcohol by getting sober October 14th of that year to protect his new life that he didn’t know could be possible. He continues to live out his dreams playing his heart out night after night and living on a small farm in South Austin.

Robert continues to shine bright on his journey of music, and has no problems making soul-bound connections along the way. Although many say he’s a star of his own, he’ll tell you himself that he’s nothing without his friends. You can catch Robert on any given night playing alongside the likes of Jennifer Foster, Anthony Corsaro, Gian Ortiz, Damien Llanes, Henri Herbert, Mike Gonzales, Lew Apollo, David Jimenez, Jon Deas & many more!

The Robert Parker Trio takes the stage at Geraldine’s on Friday, December 29th at 9:30p!

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