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table of food for Austin wedding catering event

Menus take center stage

Hotel Van Zandt Event Catering

Austin meeting catering: Exceptional cuisine, unforgettable presentation

Holiday Catering Menu

It's one thing to have a deliciously tasteful venue for your event, but your event catering had better be delicious and tasteful too. Your Austin meeting catering should sing with tailored menus that work just for you. From nibbly starters to noteworthy entrees, we've got just what you ordered. And, don't forget about dessert, because we haven't. We can also shake up some signature cocktails using the freshest juices and any of the hand-picked whiskeys and local spirits we keep around. Craft beers and wines, too. Because your event catering is going to be totally toastable, and our beverage program is perfectly primed to complement whatever's happening on your plate.